Lenore E. Ward



This page is dedicated to the LOVING memory of Sis. Lenore Ward who was AHOP’s oldest member.

Ms. Lenore was among one of our 1st members…she joined AHOP on the day of our launch, September 13, 2015.


God called Sis Lenore Home on March 5, 2016 after a four year battle with cancer.

She was a member of “Set The Captives Free” for several years & served under the leadership of Pastor Karen Bethea, before taking ill. Sis. Lenore said that AHOP was God’s answer to her prayers. Due to the progression of her cancer it became more & more difficult for her to travel to and from her former church. This mighty woman of God understood the importance of corporate worship and said that she prayed and asked God for a church in her neighborhood that would be close enough for her to walk to.

So when The Anointed House of Prayer Ministries opened its doors she was right there. She was also one of our first graduates from our new members/discipleship class.


Sis. Lenore loved her pastor & her church “family”, a feeling that was mutual. At 80yrs of age, she had no problem sitting under the leadership of a pastor 50years her junior. She said that her family would always ask her why do she want to go to such a “young” church? Once while visiting with her in the hospital I asked her what was the answer to that question? She looked me in my eyes and said “Pastor is an anointed man of God & that anointing can be felt at AHOP every Sunday. At that point she broke into praising God & speaking in tongues.


We learned from her family in the last days of her life that she spoke highly of Pastor Austin and the AHOP ministry. Her sister Carol says “Lenore didn’t just pray for a church close to her home, she prayed for a church family & that’s exactly what God sent her”. She was such a God fearing woman…a woman of faith & she touched our lives immensely!


You have fought the good fight. Sleep in paradise Sis. Lenore…until we meet again!

Forever in our hearts.


~AHOP Family~

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