Tiffany Austin

Marriage Ministry Leader


Tiffany Austin

Marriage Ministry

What is marriage?
What are your expectations of marriage?
How do you stay happily married forever?
These are question that's need to be answered. 

What God has Joined Together is much needed dynamic marriage ministry. 
Our mission is to diligently invest in marriages through God providing the tools to build life long lasting marriages that can endure the test of time. We will accomplish this by dealing with some issue that is very essential to the very foundation of marriage. We will focus on the areas such as communication trust, respect, unity, team work ect. We believe that strong marriages build strong families which will ultimately lead to stronger communities. We will develop stronger, happier and healthier marriage using the blue print God has give us through His word. We will accomplish this by holding one session per month where we will help each other forgive, heal and grow together.

Purpose Statement